Gottfried Thore Drywa

the organ may not solely imitate an orchestra, but pay a most royal tribute to the character, the atmosphere and emotional experience of music itself. It needs unconventional and open-minded solutions to visualise the intentions and vision, the composer might have been up to. The organ is a unique interpretation medium new in its form, the orchestra an absolutely different of it, both, however - and this is the maybe most important common characteristic - are able to bring home more than the sum of the score, instrumentation and technical borders to the listener: the incredible beauty of music.

Carlo Gesualdo
Sacrarum cantionum (div. Motteten)

Edvard Grieg
Peer Gynt-Suite N.1 Op.46

Franz Liszt
Mephisto-Walzer N.1
Deux L├ęgendes :
St. Francis marchant sur les flots
La Pr├ędication Aux Oiseaux

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
The Midsummernightdream Op. 21
Schottish Symphony Op. 56
Italian Symphony op. 90

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Jupiter-Symphony KV 551
Hafner-Symphony KV 383

Sergej Prokofiev
Toccata Op.11

Jean Sibelius
1. Symphony Op. 39
2. Symphony Op. 43
5. Symphony Op. 82
En Saga Op. 9
Luonnotar Op. 70
Valse triste Op. 44
Finlandia Op. 26
The Tempest Op. 109,1
The Tempest-Suite Op. 109,2

Igor Stravinsky
The Firebird